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August Boston Tumblr meet-up/GSP

This tumblr meet up is at the Boston Common. We will meet at the gazebo, and then move all around the common. The special thing about this meet up is that it is also a GSP. 

GSP stands for German Sparkle Party

A GSP is a small core group of people that show up at an event or crowded public area and dance to old pop music, German techno, and other dance music. The idea is of this is to have fun, and hopefully make other people around us join. And to stand out form the  people who join 

What to wear: At a typical GSP, your clothing is mainly comprised of GLITTER AND SPARKLES!!

Examples on what to wear: Fishnet stockings, tacky sequins, anything neon, odd hats, wigs, rubber rain boots, mesh shirts, any anything that isn’t considered normal attire. 

BTW, there is a Costume Shop at 151 Tremont st. in Boston, right across from the common. And also remember that Iparty is on clearance, so take advantage to that.

We will also have an hour or so to mingle, practice our dance moves, Wait for people, swap tumblrs, and such.

Here is the original song that started the GSP wave:

Here is a video of a GSP: take note of the clothing: Also take note, we will be dancing were groups of people are- not in one specific location, but for sure in boston common:

Keep in mind that it may be hot, so dress accordingly

You can get to Boston Common by getting off at park street station and walking to the gazebo.

BTW: We are also going to do group games. Stupid ones, like freeze dance (because why not), and others. I will not name them so they are a secret. >:)

Feel free to ‘ask’ me anything you want to know, or even song suggestions – Keep it public so I can privately respond to you.

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